Plastic packaging for baits, boilies and fishing accessories.

Fishing is a popular hobby and sport around the world, and the demand for fishing products and accessories is constantly growing. Whether you’re packing boilies, wafers, pellets, pay attention to several aspects of the packaging. It is the way your product is packaged that has a big impact on whether customers are interested in it and is as important as the product itself.

Jars for fishing products.

While there are many options for packaging products, pet jars are an excellent example of a versatile option that can be adapted to most industries while offering a more balanced choice. Our offer includes pet jars in various shapes and capacities from 25 ml to 10 000 ml.

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We have experience in working with many industries and brands. We are convinced that with our packaging we will help you hit the shelves in the best possible version.

We will support you at every stage of your order: from advising on design decisions to full implementation and production of the packaging

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Why choose PET raw material jars?

PET is a sustainable packaging material. Properly managed, it can receive a second life in the form of another package.

  • PET packaging can be transparent like glass, it does not break so easily, it is much lighter than glass, and its production uses much less material.
  • PET packaging is very flexible and durable.
  • PET has a major advantage – it is easy and efficient to process.
  • PET bottles with a high content of recycled materials have a clear advantage in terms of lower environmental impact.

More about sustainable packaging HERE


Plastic packaging for baits boilies and fishing accessories | Słoiki i butelki PET | Producent

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