CRP safety cap for 45/400 thread now available in our offer!

Safe Packaging for your Pharmaceutical Products - we are introducing a new CRP 45/400 cap!

In response to the needs of the pharmaceutical and dietary supplement industry, we are introducing a new product to our offer - the CRP (Child Resistant Protect) cap for the 45/400 thread.

This is a unique solution that has been specifically designed to prevent children from accidentally opening the packaging. Equipped with an advanced safety mechanism, this cap requires a special movement or force that young children are not usually able to perform.

In combination with the PET jars from the VITA PACKERS series, it creates a comprehensive and safe solution for pharmaceutical products. Our jars made of high-quality PET plastic are not only robust and damage-resistant, but also provide adequate protection against moisture and UV radiation, which is crucial for maintaining the quality and effectiveness of pharmaceutical products.

Discover our full range of products and join our satisfied customers today!

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CRP safety cap for 45400 thread now available in our offer | Słoiki i butelki PET | Producent



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