PET packaging manufacturing
Industry Pharmacological


The market of pharmaceuticals and dietary supplements is developing and expanding at a very fast pace, therefore demand for high-quality packaging enabling safe storage of the products, is increasing. In order to meet the growing demands, we have expanded the range of our products with pharmaceutical containers intended for various types of creams, syrups, vitamins, dietary supplements and many other products available in this industry. Our offer includes bottles of different capacities, as well as matching lids. All products are made of high-quality glass and are available in various colours. We manufacture pharmaceutical containers maintaining all the European standards and using modern machines. Maintaining the highest level of cleanliness during our production process we’ve gained the trust of our customers.

Certificate ISO 15378:2007 is the confirmation of our high qualifications and diligence in the production process.

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Industry Cosmetics


The appearance and functionality of a container play a key role in the cosmetic sector. Consumers' decisions are highy influenced by their impressions of the packaging options that we manufacture. Therefore, we provide our customers with a wide range of containers in various sizes and shapes and with stylish lids. 

We have divided our packaging selections into groups and families - from jars to bottles with a capacity from 10ml to 2l. Small bottles are used in aromatherapy, while large jars are used as functional containers for bath salts. Our offer also includes many innovative and creative solutions, among others: original products for shampoos, shower gels and cream soaps. Manufacturers can choose something from the available solutions or create a unique packaging idea for their cosmetics, choosing the right shape, colour or application of UV filters - all of this in cooperation with our design team.

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Household chemicals

We started the production of packagings for household chemicals in 2002. During that time, the first bottles for dishwashing liquid with specialized lids and caps were manufactured in our production area. We gradually expanded our offer with containers for window and surface cleaners. Subsequently, we started to manufacture coloured products, both opaque and transparent, depending on the needs of our customers. Currently, we are also involved in the production of generally available packagings for fabric softeners, non-chlorinated floor cleaners (fi42, fi50) and automotive chemical products.

In order to extend longevity of the stored product, it's possible to use UV absorbers and filters. If our offer does not include the containers that meets your requirements, please contact us to discuss an opportunity to create the desired product.

We implement orders for a specific product at the special request of the Customer - with any shape, colour or desired capacity. 

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Industry FOOD

Food products

The first mass use of PET in the food sector occurred at the end of 1990 and quickly dominated the market. The typical applications of PET bottles include: water, beverages and cooking oils. Currently, such food products as sauces, mayonnaise or ketchups also use PET packagings. The trend of eliminating glass in catering kitchens and in everyday use also opens the door to increasingly wider use of PET containers for packaging spices and food additives. 

All our packagings products are manufactured in accordance with the requirements of GMP and high cleanliness standards, resulting from ISO 15593:2010. This certificate confirms the compliance with European standards concerning hygiene in the manufacturing process. For our customers, this is a guarantee of the quality and meeting the expectations of their counterparts in Europe. lub: of their European partners).

In order to extend resistance of the finished product, it's possible to use UV absorbers and filters. If our offer does not include the packaging that meets your requirements, please contact us to discuss the possibility of implementing the desired product.

Industry LIQUOR


Undoubtedly, the advantage of PET packagings is their high resistance to breaking and low weight making them safe to use. These features, as well as their non-reactivity with alcohol make PET bottles have been also appreciated in the extremely attractive for alcohol industry. This is affected by trends to minimize the use of glass in public places, e.g. concert arenas, sport facilities, etc.
Products manufactured by our company are certified for contact with alcohol products up to one year for 50% alcohol content, and more than one year for 40% alcohol content. Thanks to the ISO 15593:2010 certificate, we can guarantee that our products are compliant with the hygiene standards applicable in the entire Europe.