PET packaging manufacturing

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In order to meet the expectations of our Customers we offer the possibility of creating individual packaging designs and a closure of the packaging – starting from the graphic project and the technical drawing preparation to 3D Visualisation, and performing of production testing.

We encourage you to get familiar with our possibilities and to contact our sales department to find out the details of our new implementation.

The arguments for using PET packaging are as follows:

– low weight and the fact that they are easier and safer to transport than glass packaging,
– good mechanical strength which is essential in the case of filling, storage, transport and distribution of carbonated beverages,
– good transparency and gloss finish,
– chemically resistant (to water, acids, fats as well as organic solvents),
– provides a good barrier to gases (oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide) so that the smell and flavour of the products remain unaltered,
– most importantly, the packaging is completely recyclable, both mechanical recycling and energy recovery can be performed.

We try to conduct the production process in harmony with the environment. It is worth to mention that the energy generated in the production process is utilized for heating production halls and offices. What is more, the energy generated in the production process is also lent to other companies for heating purposes.

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