PET packaging manufacturing
Masterchem Technology

Product implementation process

Own department of implementations

To meet customers' expectations , we offer the opportunity to create your own designs of containers and lids - from the preparation of graphic design and technical drawing, through visualization in 3D technology, to the implementation of production trials.Contact our sales department in order to explore our capabilities to implement your own packaging ideas.

Designing of products

Our department , using the experience gained in numerous implementations, will take care of design development in accordance with your expectations and taking into account a variety of technological considerations. We use an advanced 3D visualization software, to simulate the injection moulding process in order to achieve the best rendering of the intended products.

Prototyping - 3D printer

As part of the new implementations for visualization of designed products, we’re able to prepare a 3D model in 1:1 scale. Very large working area of our prototyping machine allows us to prepare the packaging models up to the base size of 30,5 x 30,5 and up to 45,7 cm in height. This enables us to print objects of significant dimensions and to print several models simultaneously.

Creation of the form

After accepting the drawings, our tool department, equipped with first-class equipment, e.g. digital machines, such as erosion machines, spatial milling machines, computer controlled wire-cut machines, lathes, implements the construction of tools ( using high-quality metalworking machines. Our highly-trained and experienced technicians manufacture tools that meet both technical and quality requirements.

Production of the product

The finished forms go to the production department for the first trials. After their acceptance and tests by the department of quality control, the implemented products are put into mass production.

From idea to implementation – processing department

Our own tool room with full construction facilities enables us to quickly implement a new design and construct blow moulds and injection moulds.

The new launches are carried out comprehensively from discussion about the idea, through project with visualization of the design, construction documentation, performance of 3D model, to implementation of the tool and production of the new product.



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