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In the current times of rapid changes and pursuit of efficiency the implementation of a new product requires decisive and quick action from the manufacturer. Short shelf-life of the product on the market and strong competition require innovation and personalization, in order to make the consumer choose our product. Influencing customers’ choice with specific shape and colour distinguishes our product and can be the key to successful sales. The advantage of manufacturers with their own machines for PET bottle production is the ability to respond to the customer needs and quickly introduce new shape and colour options.

As a result of recognizing these needs and as one of the few companies on the market, Masterchem provides a wide range of PET preforms with various weights and sizes for various applications.

The recent launch of the latest technological lines for the production of PET preforms (Netstal) and the experience of Masterchem guarantee high quality of the offered products. The production process is completely computerized, which enables maximum quality control at all stages of the production.  The use of quality management system according to ISO9001:2008 normalizes the offered standards.

Available weights of the preforms – from 21,5 grams to 62 grams, with the standard threads 28/410 and 42 mm, allow PET bottle manufacturers to obtain supplies from one supplier. Thanks to that, each customer may create its own family of packagings in any capacity.

Thanks to our knowledge and more than 25-year experience in the production of preforms, the engineering team has created an assortment of containers that maintain ideal geometry, wall thickness and proportions for optimum distribution of the material in the finished product.

Bottles manufactured with the use of Masterchem preforms may be filled with cosmetics, edible oils, sauces and detergents of any type.

All preforms may be manufactured in any colour. Gravimetric and volumetric feeders are used for the dispensing of dyes. Also, UV absorbers and filters may be used.

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