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We have been providing high-class plastic packaging solutions since 1992. We have extensive experience, expert know-how and production machinery for plastic bottles and jars for alcohol.

Alcohols are usually stored in glass containers. As a manufacturer of PET and rPET packaging, we recommend a proven alternative - plastic bottles for alcohol from 40 ml to 500 ml. When using our plastic packaging, there is no risk of breaking or spilling the contents.

The undoubted advantage of PET packaging is high durability (breakage resistance), low weight and safety of use. These advantages and non-reactivity with spirits made PET bottles appreciated in the alcohol industry. Our packaging is certified for contact with spirits for up to a year for 50% alcohol and over a year for 40% alcohol. Thanks to the ISO 15593:2010 certificate, we can guarantee compliance with hygiene standards applicable throughout Europe.

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opakowania do alkoholi z plastiku

Plastic alcohol bottles

Plastic packaging made of PET and rPET is increasingly used for packaging alcohol, such as wine, beer and spirits. Why is this happening? For safety, comfort and ecological reasons.

Chemical resistance: PET and rPET have high chemical resistance, which means that they do not react with alcohol or other ingredients contained in drinks. Thanks to this, the contents of the packaging remain intact and the taste and quality of the alcohol are preserved.

Safety of use: plastic packaging is much lighter and more resistant to breakage than traditional glass bottles. This reduces the risk of damage during transportation and handling, and also reduces the possibility of sharp fragments that may pose a risk to consumers.

Tightness: PET and rPET packaging provide protection against oxidation and loss of alcohol quality. Complete with a closure, they protect against external contamination and ensure longer product durability.

Recyclability: PET and rPET packaging is fully recyclable, which helps reduce waste and has a positive impact on the environment. The use of recycled PET (rPET) further highlights manufacturers' commitment to sustainable practices.

Innovation and aesthetics: PET and rPET allow the creation of packaging of various shapes and sizes, which gives alcohol producers greater freedom in designing visually attractive products. The possibility of using various decorative techniques, such as hot-stamping, allows the product to stand out on the store shelf.

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Alcohol packaging

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