Circular economy

Circular economy

The plastics have formed our lives and they will still form our future.
Masterchem Logoplaste zobowiązuje się do wytwarzania produktów, które w pełni nadają się do recyklingu lub ponownego użycia.

Nowadays, the plastics are present in an indefinite choice of products and applications, helping us to save energy, reduce CO2 emission, as well as water and food usage. They contribute significantly in fulfilling the idea of the closed circuit, in safety and health care. However, using fully the potential of these incredible materials will not be possible until we all take care of challenges related to plastic packaging End of Life.


Masterchem Logoplast commits to manufacture products which are fully recyclable or reusable. Our materials are store in a closed circuit if only it is possible.

Butelki PET i opakowania plastikowe kolory

I dispose of packaging in a correct recycle bin

Butelki PET i opakowania plastikowe kolory

Wastes are transported

Butelki PET i opakowania plastikowe kolory

An R-PET preform is made in factory

Butelki PET i opakowania plastikowe kolory

I buy a product

obieg zamkniety, odpady są przetwarzane na regranulat i dostarczone do Masterchem Logoplaste

Butelki PET i opakowania plastikowe kolory

Wastes are processed into regranulate and delivered to Masterchem Logoplaste

Butelki PET i opakowania plastikowe kolory

 A new packaging is manufactured of R-PET

Butelki PET i opakowania plastikowe kolory

Wastes are sorted

In Masterchem Logoplaste we do it as early as at the beginning of our path. We recycle and reprocess post-production wastes. What are such wastes? They are packages often having small quality defects which do not influence their functionality. At the beginning the wastes are sorted, then they goes to the internal grinding system where they are processed into a PET flake and delivered to a recycling company. It returns to us in a form of regranulate which will be used to manufacture new, strong materials.


By 2023, 25% of our production will be made of sustainable PET materials

Sustainable packaging is a part of our present. We offer:

25% rPET

We appreciate your contribution!

50% rPET

We are proud of you

100% rPET

We create a better tomorrow together


Ecological and well-thought-out packaging design is a main factor allowing the process of packaging recycling. As much as 80% of the product impact on the environment is determined by the designing stage The remained elements of the recycling process are sorting, technological possibilities of sorting the waste and functioning recycling techniques.

Ponad 400 wzorów butelek PET i r_PET

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