Cookies and Privacy Policy

Cookies and Privacy Policy

1. Legal ground
This Privacy Policy complies with the legal provisions arising from Article 13 paragraphs 1 and 2 of the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of April 27 2016 (GDPR)

2. Company information
The controller of your personal data is Masterchem Logoplaste Sp. z o.o., ul. Przylep – Solidarności 86D, 66-015 Zielona Góra
Telephone +48 68 324 08 56
Taxpayer ID (NIP) 525-279-09-32
National Business Registry Number (REGON) 383452567
National Court Register (KRS) KRS 0000788211

3. The purpose of personal data collection
Your personal data is processed on the basis of Art. 6 of GDPR and for marketing purposes The Personal Data Controller refers to the legitimate interest which is internet analysis of the www site, website’s visits analysis, as well as sending the contact form and samples ordering form.

4. Analytic tools
I hereby give consent for my personal data to be processed for the marketing purposes by Masterchem Logoplaste Sp. z o.o. (LLC), ul. Przylep-Solidarności 86 D, 66-015 Zielona Góra. Giving my data is voluntary and the basis for its processing is my consent. The Recipients of the data is Google Analytics. The data is used to profile the marketing using Google Analytics tools.

5. Time of data processing
Your personal data will be stored for 5 years until the purpose of using marketing possibilities and analysing data necessary to operate the business is achieved or until the personal date processing consent is withdrawn.

6. Internet users rights
I have a right to withdraw this consent at any time. Personal data will be processed to its withdrawal.
I have a right of access to my personal data, their correction, cancellation or limiting the processing, as well as a right of file a complaints to the supervising body.

Cookies Policy
On your computer, or more precisely in your browser’s clipboard (e.g. Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome) on your user’s account of the computer (telephone) which you use to connect to the Internet, so-called cookie files are saved by this website. Thanks to these files in Internet statistics systems, the author of this blog knows how may users visit it, what they read precisely and what they skip. It allows to improve this blog constantly. Additionally, cookie files on this website are used to enable proper functioning of the social plugins which let easily publish entries from this blog on the social services websites, such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter or Pinterest. If you think that the presence of cookie files violates your privacy, you can switch them off at any moment – for a certain website or generally, for all connections from your browser. (Remember that in consequence some website functionalities will not work)

How to turn of the Cookie files in your browser?

Below, there are instructions of turning off the Cookie files in popular Internet browsers. If your browser is not described below, look for assistance on the browser’s creator website or in its help file.

Google Chrome

This browser, apart from the possibility of deleting cookie files, allows to revise a detailed description of the browser’s privacy functions. To delete cookie files or other browsing data, click the button with three horizontal lines on the right of the address bar – from the appearing menu choose “Tools” and “Clear browsing data”. The detailed description of the browser’s privacy functions is under the link “More information”.

Mozilla Firefox

This browser gives you possibility of determining if you do not want to be tracked by cookie files at all or if you want to delete particular cookie files from particular Internet websites. To define these settings, choose “Options” from the menu “Tools”, and then the bookmark “Privacy and Security”.
Microsoft Internet Explorer
Thanks to a special slider you can determine the general level of your privacy. In addition, using the button “Websites”, you can decide on settings for particular Internet services. To determine these settings, choose “Internet options” in menu “Tools”, and then the bookmark “Safety”.


Using the button “Opera” in the left top corner you should open the menu and choose “Settings” and then the option “Clear browsing data”. There is also a button “Manage site preferences” which allows more advanced management of the options for particular websites.

Apple Safari

Using the menu “Safari” choose “Settings” and there the bookmark “Privacy”. This bookmark has developed functions related to the cookie files.

Mobile phones, tablets and other mobile devices

Every type of the mobile device can manage a certain functionality in different way, depending on the device and used platform. Therefore you should check the privacy settings in the help file, documentation or manual of a particular device or operating system.

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