Production of preforms

Production of preforms

Our company, as one of few in the market, provides a wide choice of PET preforms of different weight and sizes, for various purposes.

Nowadays, in very dynamic times, implementing a new product obliges the manufacturer to act quickly and with determination. A short product life in the market and strong competition requires innovations and customisation so that the consumer chooses exactly our product.

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Influencing client’s choice with specific shape and colour distinguishes the product and can be the key to successful sales. An advantage of manufacturers having their own machines for PET bottles production is possibility to react to clients’ needs and fast introduction of a new packaging shape.


Recent launch of the latest Netstal technological lines for PET preforms manufacturing and experience of the Masterchem Logoplaste guarantee high quality of offered products.

The manufacturing process is completely computerised, which allows maximum of the quality control at all production stages, whereas implemented quality management system ISO 9001:2015 normalises the offered standards.

Bottles made of the Masterchem Logoplaste preforms can be filled with detergents, cosmetics, edible oils, sauces and detergents of all types.

All preforms can by dyed to any colour. For dyes dosage gravimetric and volumetric feeders are used. UV filters and absorbers can be also used for every production process.

Available weight of preforms from 21,5 to 63g with standard threads 28/410 and 42mm, allows PET bottles manufacturers equip themselves at one supplier. Therefore, every client can create their own packaging family of any capacity.

Due to knowledge and experience, our engineering team has created a wide choice of preforms maintaining perfect geometrical shapes, sidewall thickness and proportions for optimal plastic distribution in a final product.

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