Sustainability pillars

Sustainability pillars

We serve our clients, we build our employees’ competence, we protect the environment, and, every day, we live in according to our values.
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Sustainability pillars | Słoiki i butelki PET | Producent


Our goal is more than only promoting an attractive and sustainable workplace. At Masterchem Logoplaste, our team is our most precious resource.


We operate on the basis of integrity. We conduct our business ethically and legally across a sustainable supply chain, complying with human rights and with no tolerance towards corruption.

Masterchem Logoplaste respects cultural and individual diversity, and, at the same time, promotes unity. Our team is employed on the basis of equal opportunities, without distinguishing race, skin colour, gender, religion or ethnicity. What we look for is skills, experience, professionalism and commitment.

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Operation Clean Sweep, Sedex, Masterchem

In relations with clients, suppliers and employees, we focus on integrity and transparency. Since 2017 Masterchem Logoplaste fulfils requirements of SMETA ethical standards.

Code of Ethics + Anti-corruption Policy

Sustainability pillars | Słoiki i butelki PET | Producent


Our commitment to environmental protection drives us to design solutions that reduce the usage of raw material, water and energy.

We constantly monitor and improve all our initiatives for environmental protection, so that they are aligned with our strategic objectives and best practices.

Environmental care is an inspiration for different initiatives which we pursue for product development, manufacturing processes optimization and social actions.

We aim to improve environmental protection and minimize waste.

One of our most important programs is Zero Waste, which aims to minimize production waste and to standardize the waste management.

Aligning with international initiative, Operation Clean Sweep, we have implemented procedures to reach zero pellet and flake leak to the environment. We make sure that work standards facilitate good housekeeping and raw material loss.

We perform periodic controls and maintenance of the equipment maintenance to capture and contain granulate. We cooperate with our suppliers and always involve them in the process.

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r-PET plastikowe butelki z recyklingu

Our manufacturing processes are not water intence.

We are committed to using it responsibly and internal awareness campaigns are recurrent.

Water is a rare and precious resource; therefore we constantly monitor water usage at plant level and implement improvements reduce water usage.

Check our Environmental Policy

Sustainability pillars | Słoiki i butelki PET | Producent


We act in a socially responsible way, and we continually introduce technical innovations to packaging production. We want to be a role model, driving change in our company, and local community.

Innovations in manufacturing processes and respecting the environment allows us to become a model plastic packaging manufacturer at an European scale.

At every stage of our manufacturing processes, we use the latest technologies, which guarantees the highest quality of the final product. We dedicate all our efforts to improving the process of developing and manufacturing new products, so we maintain our position as a leader for technical and industrial capacities.

Learn more about our involvement in innovation, from product concept to its manufacturing.

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PET is a sustainable packaging material. When properly recycled it becomes an endless bottle to bottle resource.

  • PET packaging can be transparent as glass, it does not break easily, it is lighter than glass packaging, and significantly less material is used for each packaging.
  • Due to plastics' low weight, much less fuel is needed to transport the same amount of packed goods in PET bottles than if they were in glass bottles. More fuel means higher CO2 emissions, which has a negative impact climate change.
  • PET packaging is very flexible and strong.
  • PET is a good barrier for gases, therefore it is perfect for carbonated drinks.
  • PET is a good electrical insulator, it is resistant to acids weaks, oils and fats. The material does not easily wear and it is difficult to puncture it with a sharp tool.
  • PET has an essential advantage – it is easily and efficiently recyclable. PET bottles with a high content of recycled materials have the clear advantage in terms of lower impact on the environment.
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PET – poliethylene terephthalate. This name hides a material of an extraordinary potential, suited for reusing due to the recycling process.

PET plastic, which we practically cannot dispense with nowadays, was invented in the 1940s in Great Britain. First it was used as the material to produce foil for different purposes, then – at the end of 1960s – for so called injection moulding processing, which allows to form ethylene compound, under high temperature, into a demanded shape (e.g. of a beverage bottle we know today or of other packaging).

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Circular economy

The plastics have formed our lives and they will still form our future

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