Production of closures

Production of closures

Global level since 2016.

Our rich experience in packaging manufacturing has been translated into organisation and starting a new details injection moulding department. Our aim is to increase flexibility of our offer by providing a comprehensive and tested packaging – closure solution in a wide choice of designs.


Flexible possibilities of performing the production on 20 ENGEL injection machines of different sizes allows to adjust the solutions accordingly to our clients’ needs, whereas our own tooling facilities shortens implementation time and optimises solutions.

Unlimited choice of solutions

We know the importance of development, so we constantly strive to improve and implement new solutions. In our offer you will find caps, disc-top caps, flip-top caps, bi-component caps and other details.

Many years of experience in packaging industry allows comprehensive execution of orders/strong>

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Get a luxurious and elegant look of your product using the hot-stamping method – one of the most frequently used techniques of print enhancement which allows to achieve, most often, gilded and silvered prints. Using this method will make your product look uniquely.

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Closures of 100% recycled materials

Every used closure is a valuable secondary raw material. If we treat it responsibly and recycle it, it will have a new life. We offer closures made of:

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Using a recycled material in the production process helped eliminate using new plastics and reduced CO2 emission significantly – due to use exclusively rPP material, the carbon footprint in the whole product life cycle is definitively lower.

Zamknięcia w 100% z recyklingu

Każda zużyta nakrętka jest wartościowym surowcem wtórnym. Jeśli postąpimy z nią odpowiedzialnie i poddamy recyklingowi, może zyskać drugie życie. W naszej ofercie proponujemy zamknięcia:

Production of closures | | Słoiki i butelki PET | Producent  100% r-PP

Wykorzystanie w produkcji surowca z odzysku pozwoliło wyeliminować użycie nowego plastiku, a także znacząco ograniczyło emisję CO2 – dzięki zastosowaniu wyłącznie materiału rPP ślad węglowy w całym cyklu życia produktu jest zdecydowanie niższy.

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Production of preforms

We provide a wide choice of PET preforms of different weight and sizes, for various purposes

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