Clean room

Clean Room

Medical packaging under the special manufacturing supervision

Using Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and Good Hygienic Practice (GHP) in our plant ensures that packaging coming into contact with food manufactured by us are fully safe for the consumer. We take care both of the final product’s quality and our Clients’ safety.

Clean Room Opakowania medyczne pod specjalnym nadzorem produkcji

Pharmaceutical packaging and packaging for dietary supplements are manufactured in a separated, especially prepared, air-conditioned part of the production hall, with full monitoring of environmental parameters.


Clean Room: technology used to manufacture medical packaging and packaging for dietary supplements

Clean Room Opakowania medyczne pod specjalnym nadzorem produkcji

In Masterchem Logoplaste we produce pharmaceutical packaging of the highest European standards and with the use of modern devices. We take care of maintaining the highest level of cleanliness during the manufacturing process. Therefore we have won the Clients’ trust.

All used raw materials have proper admissions and conditions of the process of manufacturing packaging are validated and registered on-line.

Visualisation of the process with alarms and adopted procedures of production according to ISO 15378:2017 guarantee the quality and safety of the offered products.

opakowanie pet procedury realizacji produkcji według normy ISO 15378:2017

Clean room | Słoiki i butelki PET | Producent

Masterchem Logoplaste

All measurements of packaging are carried on verified, specialist control and measuring equipment, in accordance with internally developed research methodologies.

ISO 15378:2017

Primary packaging materials for medicinal products

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ISO 15593:2008

Packaging. Management of Hygiene in the Production of Packaging for Foodstuffs

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ISO 9001:2015

Quality Management System,

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