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We have been providing high-class plastic packaging solutions since 1992. We have extensive experience, expert know-how and production machinery for plastic bottles and jars for personal hygiene.

Packaging dedicated to body and personal care play a key role in ensuring the safety, sterility and hygiene of products that come into direct contact with our body. Choosing plastic packaging for the cosmetics industry offers a number of benefits that not only increase functionality, but also influence consumer perception of the brand.

Security is one of the most important aspects that plastic packaging has a direct impact on. Plastics, thanks to their resistance to breakage, minimize the risk of sharp edges that could cause cuts. This is especially important in products used in the bathroom, where wet surfaces increase the risk of the product falling.

opakowania do higieny osobistej z plastiku

Plastic packaging for body and personal care

Personal hygiene cosmetics include a wide range of products intended for daily face and body care. These include: soaps and shower gels, intimate hygiene products, body creams and balms, hand and foot creams, facial tonics and milks, and sun filters.

The appearance and aesthetics of body and personal care cosmetics packaging is of great importance for the attractiveness of the product on the store shelf. Plastic offers unlimited design possibilities - from shape and size, through color, to surface finish. Thanks to this, we can create packaging that is not only practical, but also aesthetically meets the expectations and preferences of consumers. Visually attractive packaging can significantly influence the purchase decision, which is invaluable in building a competitive advantage on the market.

opakowania do higieny osobistej PET i rPET

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Body & Personal care packaging

We want to be your partner of the first choice in terms of innovation, flexibility and speed, all in line with the principles of sustainable development.

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