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We have been providing high-class plastic packaging solutions since 1992. The plastic packaging we produce is a perfect solution for hair care products such as shampoos, conditioners, mist sprays, masks, serums, oils, lotions, creams and scrubs.

Our cosmetic packaging with a pump dispenser are suitable for shampoos and conditioners. Spray bottles will allow you to spray cosmetics into a mist. On the other hand jars are a perfect solution for masks, creams and hair scrubs.

The PET bottles and jars we offer for contact with hair cosmetics comply with regulations and rules at the national and international level. This is due to the procedures implemented, thanks to which we use only certified raw materials in production. This guarantees the highest standard of the finished product. Plastic packaging is an exceptionally good solution for the cosmetics and hairdressing industries, mainly due to their functionality, safety and aesthetics, which directly influence consumer choice.

Opakowania do pielęgnacji włosów
opakowania kosmetyczne z plastiku

Plastic packaging for shampoos and hair conditioners

Plastic packaging is an excellent solution for shampoos and conditioners, offering many benefits in terms of appearance, safety and aesthetics. Their adaptability to the various needs of hair care products makes them irreplaceable on the cosmetics market.

Appearance of packaging plastic is crucial to attracting consumers' attention. Thanks to advanced production technologies, these packaging can take on an almost unlimited range of shapes, sizes and colors, which allows you to create a unique and attractive product presentation.

Saferty is another important aspect that supports the choice of plastic packaging for shampoos and conditioners. Plastics are resistant to cracking and shattering, which reduces the risk of accidents when used in the bathroom, where wet and slippery surfaces are easy to get to.

Aesthetics of plastic packagingalso plays an important role in creating a positive brand image. The possibility of using various decorative techniques, such as hot-stamping, allows for sophisticated packaging personalization, which can help build a strong brand identification and emphasize the value of products. Aesthetic and functional packaging design can also improve the user experience by making product application and dispensing easier. Among the wide range of closures you will find a flip-top snap with a 28 thread, visible in the graphic! Environmentally friendly because it is made of less material. New closure ST005 perfectly fits PET/r-PET bottles with 28 thread from Masterchem Logoplaste.

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Hair care packaging

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