New bottles from the TILA ROUND series in our offer!

Cosmetics must be stored properly, because only then will they retain good quality for longer. Light, high temperatures or humidity – these are just some of the unfavorable conditions that affect the effectiveness and durability of cosmetics. How can you extend their lives? What is the best way to keep them and how to store them?

PET bottles are a perfect solution. Choose from our new capacities in the TILA ROUND series.

The packaging is dedicated primarily to cosmetics and body care. Match the set with the closure from our offer.

With us you can create your own set in the spirit of ZERO WASTE. We offer 30% rPET, 50% rPET, 70% rPET and 100% rPET packaging.

Please contact the sales department:

New bottles from the TILA ROUND series in our offer | Słoiki i butelki PET | Producent

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