PET bottles from the PROVENCE LINE series – an excellent choice for cosmetic products

When we reach for our favorite cosmetics, we usually focus on their composition and their effect on our skin or hair. However, just as important as the inside of the packaging itself is the material from which it is made.

Nowadays, when environmental concerns are becoming increasingly important, it’s worth considering why plastic packaging might be the ideal choice for our cosmetic products.

  • Ingredient protection – one of the most important aspects of cosmetic packaging is its ability to protect the contents from harmful external factors. Plastic packaging provides excellent insulation, protecting cosmetics from moisture, UV light and atmospheric contaminants to preserve their effectiveness and quality for longer.
  • Sustainability – plastic packaging can be produced from secondary raw materials, i.e. recycled, which reduces the consumption of natural resources and the amount of waste going to landfills. In addition, modern production technologies reduce energy consumption andCO2 emissions during their manufacture.
  • Aesthetics and functionality – plastic packaging is, above all, a wide range of possibilities in terms of design, making it possible to create attractive, practical and easy-to-use packaging.

    By customizing the shape, capacity and color, we can work together to design a unique product that will catch the eye of your customers.

Everything you need to package your product can be found HERE

In the advertisement, we present PET bottles from the PROVENCE LINE series.

In our portofolio, all packaging is 100% recyclable.

Be ECO and choose packaging that will make your product stand out!

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