PET bottles with foam dispenser – the perfect solution for your cosmetics

Are you looking for a solution that will give your cosmetics even more charm?

Here is our  proposal – a PET bottles from the TALL BOSTON ROUND series complete with foam dispenser PP024 for 24/410 thread! Foam dispensers for 40/400 and 43/400 threads are also available.

Plastic packaging is an extremely attractive solution that combines many advantages.

Aesthetics and functionality

When it comes to cosmetic products, the visual aspect plays a key role. The first impression made by the packaging often determines the purchase of the product. PET bottles complete with a foam dispenser are not only attractive and aesthetically pleasing solutions, but also functional, which will facilitate the application of the product.

Extremely convenient to use

PET bottles equipped with a foam dispenser are lightweight, durable and ensure precise product application.

Sustainable solutions

In the context of increasing environmental awareness, it is also important that packaging is sustainable. In our portfolio, all packaging is 100% recyclable.

Discover the harmony between aesthetics and functionality with our PET packaging, which is not only practical and elegant, but also adds beauty to your cosmetics.

Contact us to find out more! or +48 68 324 08 56

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