PET jars for dietary supplements and vitamins combine functionality with aesthetics and ecology!

Nowadays, a healthy lifestyle and taking care of one’s own health are extremely important. With the growing interest in dietary supplements, there is a need for their effective and safe storage. In this context, the plastic packaging we offer is an excellent choice. They are durable and resistant to damage compared to glass packaging. In addition, PET jars are lighter than their glass counterparts, making them easier to both transport and store. Plastic packaging also provides optimum protection against moisture, light and other factors that could affect the quality of stored supplements.

Find out more about the unique 10 litre Power Packer jar

This type of packaging can be used for loose products, including dietary supplements, sports nutrition, pasta, flour, groats, breakfast cereals, dried mushrooms, candy, children’s blocks and even pet food, among others.

What makes it special?

  • original and modern shape
  • large capacity
  • individual colouring.

Ideally combined with the NA127 closure produced by Masterchem Logoplaste or the cap with special handle GR027.

The jars of the Power Packer series are available starting from a volume of 1000 ml.

Together, we can contribute to protecting our planet without sacrificing our health.

Choose packaging that cares about you and the planet!

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PET jars for dietary supplements and vitamins combine functionality with aesthetics and ecology | Słoiki i butelki PET | Producent

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