Packaging for dietary supplements

Manufacturer of packaging for dietary supplements

We have been providing high-class plastic packaging solutions since 1992. We have extensive experience, expert know-how and production machinery plastic bottles and jars for dietary supplements. Plastic packaging is particularly suitable for dietary supplements such as proteins, creatine, vitamins and pre-workouts for several key reasons that include safety, durability, functionality and environmental aspects.

Dietary supplement packaging has many technical and regulatory requirements. Improper storage conditions of supplements may affect their suitability for use, therefore pharmaceutical packaging must meet certain requirements before it is allowed to be placed on the market. The key factors in this case are: limiting the inflow of light, protection against moisture, and a safe closure that will prevent a small child from opening the vial.

We are able to provide custom plastic packaging solutions for the dietary supplement industry that combine usability, performance and brand identity. The PET jars and PET bottles for dietary supplements we produce meet all strict standards, making them completely safe to use. High qualifications and care in production are confirmed by the ISO 15378:2015 certificate for the production of packaging for the pharmaceutical industry.

opakowania do suplementów diety z plastiku
opakowania do suplementów diety PET i rPET

Plastic packaging for dietary supplements

At Masterchem Logoplaste, we produce pharmaceutical packaging while maintaining all European standards and using modern equipment. The use of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and Hygienic Practice (GHP) in our plant ensures that the packaging we produce that comes into contact with food is fully safe for the consumer. We care about the quality of the final product and the safety of our customers.

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Packaging for dietary supplements

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